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Tahoe City is full of fantastic restaurants, but there are just so many different places to eat, so we've compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants in Lake Tahoe California. If you get hungry while reading, please read the following list of restaurants in South Lake Sierra that can satisfy the rumbling of your stomach. As with all our recent articles published on, this list will continue to expand, so here are our top 10 restaurants.

This restaurant is located on the banks of the Truckee River and is open only in summer, but during the summer months guests can enjoy live music on the terrace. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in one of the two dining rooms (pictured above), whose walls separate the blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

Keep your kids smiling during your vacation in South Lake Tahoe with a visit to one of the area's most popular restaurants, the Truckee River Cafe.

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, the restaurant's views are truly breathtaking, all the more so when the sun sets. Whether you're taking to the slopes or just hanging out on the beach, you can't miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the best views of Lake Truckee restaurant. If you're looking for a place to dine with a view, there's no better place than the beautiful view from the porch of this popular restaurant. While there is nothing like the feeling of the setting sun bathing the lake in a rosy hue and the TruCkee River splashing in the background, few experiences can match the feeling of dining near the waters of Tahoes Lake.

When it comes to breakfast options, there are five Starbucks to choose from and there is no better place to dine with an elegant view of the lake than at one of the most popular breakfast spots in the area. All four casinos offer fantastic and affordable breakfasts, but if you want to head to the mountains, you'll be surprised to find that North Lake Tahoe also has some great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are a number of great lakeside restaurants and bars in Tahoe's Lake City, so check them all out.

The cuisine is also tailored to the region and you can enjoy everything from stuffed burritos to grilled steaks to perfection. They also offer a wide selection of craft beers and wines, as well as a wide selection of wines and cocktails.

The West Coast also hosts a little healthy, conscious eating, and this South Lake Tahoe restaurant helps you get the best of both worlds: healthy, healthy food and good wine and beer.

Here there is a brewery that does not serve food, but has many good dogs and pets, and here is the food they serve. If you want a taste of what you know, several restaurants in South Lake Tahoe offer what can be called pizza in American. Italian, Indian, Mediterranean and Greek are just some of the many options you can find in these restaurants on the South Sea. They range from fine dining to dinners where you can enjoy a bowling match or order chips, to snow cones.

All of these South Lake Tahoe restaurants offer dishes and themes that will make you look forward to your next meal. After satisfying your appetite at all the restaurants in South Lake Tahoe, you can return to the gorgeous accommodations at Eden Vale Inn for a night of relaxation and relaxation.

This South Lake Tahoe vacation rental offers a variety of child-friendly restaurants that families can explore, and here are some of our favorites. Here you will find a great meal with incredible views and a great hotel to stay at Lake Truckee, here are our few favorites!

This food truck is located right at the foot of the gondola if you want a quick lunch or dinner for those of us who don't ski but are definitely interested in a meal on the slopes of Lake Tahoe during the ski season. This Pho is the perfect way to warm up after a day of skiing or snowshoeing, and it's definitely worth visiting the food trucks in the area, whether you're visiting during or after the ski season!

Best of all, the Stateline casino has high-end options that can't compete with anything in North Lake Tahoe.

From niche bakeries to playful chain restaurants, South Lake Tahoe offers a range of world-class restaurants. There are many small hole-in-wall restaurants that are not exactly on the radar of the mainstream visitor, but are worth a visit. Tucked away at the back of a liquor and convenience store, Curry Grill serves some of the best authentic Indian dishes you've ever had. With a variety of fantastic and eclectic restaurants, bars and cafes that will make your mouth water, South Lake Truckee has it all.

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