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The relaxed capital of Nevada is surrounded by scenic scenery and is perfect for jumping - from a point of view to explore all that Lake Tahoe has to offer. As the area is a world-class attraction, you will have no difficulty deciding where to spend your time. And with good reason, because there are a number of attractions on the lake itself, which is located on the state border between California and Nevada.

The clear blue waters and colorful sunrises create a breathtaking landscape at Emerald Bay, making it one of Lake Tahoe's most popular tourist attractions. Visit the LAKE TAHOE section and head down to the beautiful lake and its beautiful beaches, as well as the breathtaking waterfalls and scenic views.

The Lake Tahoe area offers countless amazing outdoor activities and you can look for activities for any time of the year. Check out our free resources full of activities in NorthLake Tahoes to see a list of the most popular activities in the area. For more information about outdoor activities at Lake TAHOE, please visit the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Activities page on the National Park Service website.

When visiting South Lake Tahoe, check out some of the top attractions and top destinations in the area. Check out the list below to see which attractions at Lake TAHOE will capture your interest during your visit.

This course is just minutes from the shore of Lake Tahoe, but you will forget the way to the summit. Located next to the Mount Rose ski resort, you can enjoy scenic views of South Lake Tahoe and the beautiful scenery on the shores of the lake.

Take a look at the town of Zephyr Cove Stateline, where you'll find campgrounds and cabins on the shores of Lake Tahoe, as well as scenic lake views. Choose a secluded waterfront cabin in Tahoes City in the north of the Sierra de la Sierra or choose a cabin near Lake El Dorado Ski Resort in the Tahune Valley. You will find a variety of camping and fishing spots and great views of South Lake Reno and the mountains.

On the West Coast, you can drive the Truckee River to Tahoe City, and there are a number of protected routes along the lakefront, such as the South Shore Trail. There are many lakeside towns on the west side of Lake Tahoes Lake, including the town of South Lake Reno and the town of Reno, as well as a few beach resorts where you can picnic at the Lake El Dorado ski resort. A handful of lakeside towns stretch along both shores of the lake, including Lake City and Lake Placid, as well as some small towns in the Sierra de la Sierra. South Sea - Outtowns : There are many great camping and fishing spots along Lake Park Drive in Lake County, which includes a variety of campgrounds and cabins near the ski resorts and Tahune Valley ski area, but there is also a good selection of hiking and biking trails along South Bay Road, with great views of the Sierra and West Lake mountains and lakes.

Lake Tahoe is often referred to as the California Side or Nevada Side because it crosses the state line between California and Nevada. The south shore is dominated by the town of Stateline, Nevada, which borders the north shore of the lake on the west side, as well as Lake Placid, California, which is located on its northwest shore, and Tahoes City, California. On the eastern side of Lake Tahoe, it is divided into two separate lakes, the North Shore and the South Shore. This refers to the fact that the two states divide the lakes from east to west, but the southern shore of both lakes is accessible from highway 50. While the Southwest and West Bank are both accessible via Interstate 50, the North Bank of Lake Tahoes can only be reached via Interstate 80.

If you are from California and would rather fly to California, there is an airport near the lake, but the closest airport to a major city is Sacramento, which is About an hour and a half drive from Lake Tahoe, or about three hours drive from Tahoes City, California. For skiing and going out in winter, Airbnb is near the town of South Lake Truckee, where you'll find skiing, beaches, casinos and more. Heavenly Mountain offers a variety of ski and snowshoe areas as well as a number of other amenities, at North Lake Sierra, NorthLake Tahoe.

If you want to be close to town, the campgrounds and camper vans in the Lake Tahoe area are near the town of Truckee, and you'll be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views from the lake before you lace up your hiking boots. There are a ton of amenities in and around the city of Tahoes City, which is about an hour and a half's drive south of South Lake Reno, but I bet you don't know that it's on the California side of North Lake Trukkee and not in Tahos City. This is an area that includes a number of ski and snowshoe areas, as well as a variety of other amenities, including casinos, hotels, restaurants and more, all just a few miles from SouthLake Tahio.

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More About Lake Tahoe